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Raptor liner vs Line X

Raptor liner vs Line X: What Are The Main Differences?

The trunk lining is a set of products that help protect the trunk of your car effectively. The product combines many different materials that contribute to improved aesthetics through the color and gloss of the body lining. Currently, there is a commonly used body lining, Raptor liner vs. Line X

Both of these products have excellent quality when effectively protecting the vehicle’s body from physical and chemical agents in the environment. The following article will help you compare an overview of the Raptor liner vs. Line X.

Why Do You Need To Compare The Raptor Liner vs Rhino Liner?

As you know, both Raptor liner and Linex is 2 sets of pickup truck body liners that bring excellent use efficiency. However, coating these two products is not the only benefit they provide. In addition to the effect of creating a coating, the Raptor liner vs. Linex also works to protect the car’s body safely from environmental factors. 

The protection capacity of each of these products is different. Therefore, the Raptor liner and Linex comparison are entirely reasonable. The differences between the 2 coatings will directly affect the purpose and investment costs.

Besides using a coating to protect the trunk, many users also choose the lid of the bakflip g2 vs mx4. This way, you will x2 the ability to protect the trunk and the details inside. Since then, the phenomenon of rust, water leaking into the compartment will not appear with pickup trucks.

raptor liner vs linex

Raptor Liner Vs Line X: Full Comparison


  • Raptor body liner: U-pol
  • Line X: Line

Built Quality

The Raptor liner comes with a built-in urethane system with 2 internal components. Precisely, this color will mix with the OEM color, and it will dry pretty quickly. 

An excellent Raptor coating will need to cover all the elements necessary to evaluate the quality of a body lining. The X-liner uses the polyurea technique and the Bedliner combines strength and versatility in a single coating with this design. This coating has the best ability to protect the vehicle’s body today.


Both Raptor and X are two of the best quality bodywork liners available today. It is highly durable, and you can flexibly use it for many different types of trunks. Besides, excellent adhesion is one of the outstanding advantages of the Raptor and X. It will help the box to minimize oxidation during use. 

In addition, to upgrade the protection of the trunk, many drivers have chosen to combine the bakflip f1 vs mx4 trunk lid with Raptor and X coating systems. In this way, the service life of the car’s trunk will be greatly improved.


The hardness of the body coating of the Raptor and X is at a stable level. It provides excellent bearing capacity. Sudden, high-force impacts on the vehicle’s body are significantly reduced when you use the cover pads. From there, your trunk will not appear abnormal deformation or cracking.


In terms of aesthetic value, both Raptor vs X coated pads bring the luxury and modern look of the car. From there, your car will become outstanding and unique compared to the rest of the vehicles. 

In particular, both have a glossy finish on top. Therefore, it will resist all scratches that appear on the car. The shiny layer helps keep your car new and minimizes the possibility of color fading during use.

Suitable Vehicles

With the Raptor coating, it will be suitable for small trucks. This way, the layer can cover your entire trunk quickly. At the same time, it is also capable of coating the chassis of cars, trailers, tractors, and toolboxes. The versatility of the Raptor has contributed to this kit’s trademark coating. You can easily buy them anywhere in auto stores.

As for Line X, this bodywork coating kit can be available for heavy-duty trucks, maintenance vehicles, etc. The coating system will cover the trunk and several other essential details contributing to the creation.


To create a perfect coating for the trunk, pour the coating, shake it and spray. With Raptor or Line X, you can apply this method effectively without any exceptions. In addition, some drivers have a faster and more convenient way to do it. They will use spray guns. However, its disadvantage is that it is difficult to use. If you are inexperienced, you will most likely put too much coating on the trunk.

Customer Feedback 

Currently, both Raptor and Line X have two streams of harmful opinions. However, the flow of positive ideas makes up the majority of customer reviews. With Raptor, customers are interested and impressed with these box liners. 

Because it provides a great user experience for customers when effectively protecting their trunk for a long time. In addition, the Raptor has a relatively low price compared to other body linings. It has effective waterproofing and sound reduction capabilities.

As for the Line X coating, it also provides excellent bodywork. Therefore, many customers have expressed interest in this product set. They said that “Line X body coating has helped my car get rid of serious scratches and rust during use.”

In addition, the cost to buy a set of Line X coatings will be cheaper than the Raptor. However, both are of good quality, and each has excellent performance on a particular car model. 

Therefore, you will need to consider before proceeding to create a coating on the vehicle’s body. You can refer to 2 Chilton vs Haynes guidebooks to make the coating process more accessible.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a smooth finish with Raptor liner?

When mixing the Raptor with the required amount of hardener, James added about 10% thinner to allow it to pass through the HVLP spray gun easily. At the same time, it will help you create a smooth finish. With the compressor set at 2.0 Bar (30 PSI), the finish is no different from powder coating,

How well does Raptor liner hold up?

The Raptor body shell lining provides excellent protection. It will help your car’s trunk resist UV rays, oxidizing chemical reactions that can affect the quality of the tank. 

At the same time, the glossy outer layer will help improve the aesthetics of your car. It will enhance the vehicle’s value by keeping the trunk fresh and beautiful.

How long do you wait between coats of Raptor liner?

For the Raptor layers to dry, you will need to wait about 1 hour. This waiting time is longer than Line X, about 30 minutes. It would help if you waited enough time to ensure that the coating would not get wet.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand about 2 sets of Raptor and Line X body lining products. It can be that these are 2 sets of products that give you a great user experience. It provides strong body protection from environmental influences. At the same time, both help improve the aesthetic value of your trunk. It will make your car become newer and more modern.

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