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[Update] Snugtop vs Leer: Finally the answer

Snugtop vs Leer

Toppers have always a soft spot on those who own trucks and cars. If you have a topper you can use that huge space on the back of your respective car and change it into a personal cabin.

One advantage of having it is that space will be waterproofed. Some purposes of the product are totally different, the quality of its construction and the materials can be varied.

Snugtop and Leer are so popular and they have such a varied product line that even consumers are confused about where and what to buy.

What is the difference between SnugTop and Leer?

In terms of the cost, SnugTop’s shells are more expensive compared to other brands, because they make sure they are using more expensive parts.

However, this doesn’t mean that those parts are better compared to the Leer, but they look and feel better like well-made latches and metal, and are not looking like plastic hinges.

SnugTop shells also come with a thicker fiberglass build, which actually says nothing except if mounting a rack on top of it is what you want or if you have a truck that is off-road and use it to mount a rack and subject the bed to an exposure.

There are also numerous models, almost all of it involves extra height for the camp fanatic or just specifically for someone who is highly needing for more headroom and space.

While Leer has numerous taller models and the tallest one is model 122. SnugTop comes with a smooth-line taller top called the High Liner.

However, if you ask about its availability it is sometimes limited as most people prefer the tidy appearance of a cab high top.


If you want to remove a good shell easily, you should consider a SnugTop. It is designed like a J-hook style to install to work like a clamp and it does not come with drilling.

The tops of this brand are very custom fit which means the base rails of the shell are contoured fit or not flat, and you can actually feel the shell fits in place when you set it on the bed and is considered as another advantage.

Its top also has a built-in bulb rubber seal with the base rail which means it doesn’t need to have a seal to re-do when you pull out and reinstall the shell.


SnugTop Truck has two lights in the front and the back. It’s wondrously built with Resin mixed fiberglass with a good blend to its color.

Also, you can find a hinge on the back glass which is mounted with quality glass all around it.
It has a rear window, rain gutter that stays true to its features, water seal, sliding window, and j clamp which is the newest modern.


Like the SnugTop it also has a rubber seal and J-hooks style, but it is a little bit different. A foam tape to be installed with the base rails to seal the shell to the bed is required by most manufacturers.

However, it will leak after you reinstall it if that tape is not replaced when the shell is pulled out.

The weight of the brand of shells will fall between 150 to 200 lbs, it depends on how large your truck is using.


Three lights can be found to it from the front, back and middle. And thick fiberglass can be found there, but some owners have a lot of opinions occurring about color matching.

Leer’s hinge is quite similar to SnugTop in terms of quality, but it is smaller.

It also has a rain gutter, rear window with a screen. Just like the SnugTop, Leer also has a water seal, sliding window, and J hook that can be easily installed.


Actually, you’re lucky that many of the top manufacturers know what is best for people who are looking for a shell that is removable.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in choosing the best brand out there. There is no specific decision on what people are going to buy except if they are not affected by any factors that could exist.

This article wishes you have balanced the things you evaluated to finally make the right decision.

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