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STP vs Fram Air Filter: 4 Main Difference Between

Today, air filters are commonly used in most vehicles. It is part of the air intake process and plays an essential role in cleaning the air and eliminating harmful components that can affect your engine.

Therefore, you need to find yourself an air filter suitable for your device. Only then will they fully promote their protective role.

In this article, we will bring you STP vs Fram Air Filter. These two types of air filters are both the best quality products and are well received by the public.

Let’s see what they have in common and how they are different! All the statements we make below about these two products have been verified, so you can rest assured to refer to them!

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Overview Of STP

If you are looking for an affordable air filter with top quality, STP is not to be missed. STP is one of the best aftermarket air filters on the market today and the name that brought many successes to the manufacturer.

The STP air filter is made in a lab and helps honor those same innovators. If you are a business person, you will understand that it is not easy for a brand to be famous just by its name; it is a process with perfect product quality. It demonstrates how great STP is for consumers.

STP was formed with the contribution of many different modern technologies. The most prominent is the Micro-pore technology and the construction quality to help keep dirt particles out of the engine. If one day the car dies while driving, you can also understand that it is due to the influence of dirt on the engine when the operation of the air filter weakens.

Some of the features of STP can be mentioned as follows:

  • Effective dirt holding capacity
  • Advanced micro-pore technology compared to competitors
  • ISO qualified and famous
  • Roof protection for fuel efficiency

Overview of FRAM

FRAM is an air filter that has been around for a long time. Eighty-five years is a number to indicate how long they last on the market, which also clearly demonstrates its quality and influence on consumers. FRAM air filters offer high reliability, impressive performance, and competitive pricing.

To better understand the features of FRAM, we have conducted a lot of small surveys about their time, the results of their use. The results are surprising as they can protect up to 12,000 miles without maintenance. It is a decent number, and of course, the choice of FRAM is even more perfect.

Some of the core FRAM features can be mentioned as follows:

  • The included instruction book helps you make the changes yourself
  • Acceleration and horsepower are beyond normal
  • Dual protection for your engine
  • Advanced media filters

We cannot ignore the importance of an air filter to a car, making dashboard air vents not work (dashboard air vents not working). Therefore, consider choosing the best device for your car to make it work smoother and more productive!

STP vs Fram Air Filter: What Are The Differences?

Many people cannot clearly distinguish the characteristics and features between STP vs Fram Air Filter. Therefore, we decided to summarize and specifically analyze some of the differences in these two types of air filters to help you have the most direct and overview view of these two products.


Weight is the first factor we compare because it plays a role in compatibility for specific devices. With STP, their total weight is up to 16 ounces.

Meanwhile, this figure in FRAM is only 7 ounces. The optimization in weight is the strong point of FRAM compared to STP. If you prefer lightness and lightness, perhaps only FRAM will meet your needs.

Dust holding capacity

In fact, although STP has excellent and effective dust retention, it still cannot beat FRAM. Because this ability in FRAM is doubled. They can protect your engine from maximum dirt and limit the damage caused by dirt.

However, that does not mean that STP has become overshadowed in the hearts of consumers. There are still many customers who trust and choose STP instead of FRAM.

You can entirely base on your wishes to choose STP or FRAM because they are all quality products. There is no need to force yourself to choose one product or the other.


The height size in STP is 1.57 inches, much larger than FRAM’s 1.20 inches. These parameters do not have much to do with dust retention or protection, and they are merely related to compatibility with the type of car you are using.

Therefore, consider this factor carefully before making a decision on which type of air filter to choose. It helps you avoid unnecessary money loss mistakes and helps them promote complete functionality.

Operational efficiency

With STP, the maximum maintenance-free operating range is 10,000 miles. And this number in FRAM is, even more, signed up to 12,000 miles. This parameter demonstrates its ability to withstand dust throughout the journey, allowing you to go short or long distances so that the air filter can provide the best protection.

If you go beyond the specified distance, the air filter will be overloaded, and dirt will likely go deep inside and affect many engines. Typically they can contaminate and deactivate your generator. So how to clean alternator? It is straightforward to bring your devices to the service center, or you can clean them yourself at home with the guidance of the internet.

STP vs Fram Air Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

By asking some frequently asked questions, it will give you a complete and thorough view of the performance of the two air filters.

Who makes the STP oil filter?

Champion Labs is the manufacturer of this oil filter. The US-based Champion Laboratories is the manufacturer of the air mentioned above filters. This filter is essential in preventing the influence of dirt on your engine.

Without them, your device will perform poorly and even become inactive. All air filters manufactured by Champion Labs are of guaranteed quality and are priced accordingly, so please rest assured to use them!

Is the STP oil filter good?

STP air filter is a perfect product in both price and quality of use.

In particular, ISTP will ensure the maximum protection support for your device with up to 10,000 miles. This number is in line with your desire for a product capable of effectively holding dirt.

The above characteristics are the advantages that help STP attract many current and future customers. It is also the reason why they have become so popular and especially in the hearts of consumers.

STP or Fram Air Filter?

We do not give you any advice on choosing an air filter. Because it also depends on many factors surrounding your needs and compatibility with your car. So, you can analyze the differences between these two types of air filters to clearly see the difference between them and thereby make the most reasonable and practical choice.


With the specific reviews of STP and Fram Air Filter, we gave above. Hopefully, it will help you make the right choice for your desires.

STP or FRAM are both quality and reputable filters, so judging the difference between them is sometimes just about the path and size. Try them out, and don’t forget to leave us feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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