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Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It

Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It: All You Need To Know

Toyota Care Plus is a car maintenance program offered by Toyota. The company encourages customers to choose this plan to bring out the best in their cars’ upkeep. But is Toyota Care Plus $329 worth it?

Car maintenance is not cheap, especially if you drive often. Luckily, many automobile manufacturers, like Toyota, provide fantastic services to improve their customer satisfaction. 

So, this article will cover everything you want to know about Toyota Care Plus. Let’s read on to determine if it’s what you need! 

Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It

Is Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It?

Yes. While annual service fees for Toyota cars are around $440, you can get a better deal with the Toyota Care Plus $349 program. It also covers both unscheduled repairs and standard maintenance costs to maximize your benefits. 

Part-by-part maintenance 

You need to compare standard Toyota service fees and the Toyota Care Plus program to comprehend the value of this maintenance program. So let’s talk about normal maintenance first. 

You will pay for your car’s upkeep without registering for any program, depending on the service. For example:

  • Grease and oil change: $100 to $130
  • Tire turning: $80 to $100
  • Transmission fluid change: $165 to $200
  • Spark plug replacement: $100 to $150
  • Cabin air filter replacement: $70 to $100
  • Brake fluid replacement: $120 to $160

You don’t have to perform all of the treatments above. However, checking those parts regularly and replacing them when necessary would be best. 

There may be some hidden problems in your vehicle, such as the squeaking sound in the brake pedal. Yet, you can only recognize it once it gets worse. As a result, the advice is to check your car frequently to avoid mishaps. 

Toyota Care Plus coverage 

Toyota offers two primary car maintenance plans: Toyota Care and Toyota Care Plus. The Toyota Care Plus is the Toyota Care extended warranty version. It means that Toyota Care Plus offers similar benefits as the Toyota Care plan, but it comes with more interval options. 

The Toyota Care package includes the following services, and you will get all of them whether you choose the Toyota Care or Toyota Care Plus:

  • Reminders for maintenance
  • Modifications to engine oil and filters
  • Tire turning
  • Multi-point examinations
  • Fluid checks and changes

There is also a 24-hour roadside assistance service, but only continental U.S.A and Alaska drivers can apply for it. The service helps you with these issues:  

  • Jump-starting batteries
  • Lockout assistance
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Tire services with the spare tire
  • Transporting to the nearest dealer
  • Winching from snow, sand, mud, or ditch 

In the end, the Toyota Care Plus is worth it because it allows you to maintain your car properly at a low cost. This option saves a lot of your money in taking care of the automobile. 

Toyota Care Vs. Toyota Care Plus 

Toyota Care Vs. Toyota Care Plus 

New Toyota models have a Toyota upkeep plan that services the vehicle every two years or 25,000 miles. Toyota also suggests the services needed for your automobile after the first 25,000 miles:

  • 5,000 miles (6 months): Inspection, tire rotation, and fluid adjustment
  • 10,000 miles (12 months): Inspection, tire rotation, fluid adjustment, and oil change
  • 15,000 miles (18 months): Inspection, tire rotation, and fluid adjustment
  • 25,000 miles (24 months): Inspection, tire rotation, fluid adjustment, and oil change

However, to some drivers, 25,000 miles seems quite short. Hence, Toyota decided to extend its maintenance policy. 

And we have the Toyota Care Plus. Aside from the benefits above, this program gives more coverage options as follows; 

Time Mileage 
3 years 35,000 miles

45,000 miles

4 years 45,000 miles

60,000 miles

5 years 60,000 miles

75,000 miles

As you can see, there are six mileage choices but only three options for time limits. It’s how a lot of prepaid maintenance programs work because drivers can easily choose one depending on their driving style.

For example, men drive about 17,000 miles a year, compared to women’s 10,000 miles. But, you might select a greater mileage limit if you drive more than the average individual.

On the other hand, if you don’t drive frequently, you may stick to a lower limit for the same period. 

Toyota Care Plus will also include extensive planned maintenance aside from the four regular service options that Toyota Care offers. 

For example, your driveshaft, fuel line system, and transmission are checked after each mileage interval. Besides, the program covers suggestions highlighted in your vehicle’s service plan under regular driving conditions. 

How To Qualify For Toyota Care Plus?

Toyota Care Plus simplifies saving money on essential repairs and unexpected costs. But sadly, not all drivers will be eligible for the services. You can only qualify for the program if:

  • Your odometer’s reading is lower than 31,000 miles. 
  • You have driven your car less than 37 months since its first use. 

How To Lower The Toyota Maintenance Cost?

Toyota Care and Toyota Care Plus can lower the total maintenance price. Yet, they do not include mechanical damages, which is usually the most expensive part of car maintenance.

Fortunately, there are additional plans for cutting costs on non-routine care. For example, once your original warranty expires, you may purchase an extended car warranty as an additional insurance plan.

You may get a Toyota extended warranty, also known as a vehicle service agreement, from Toyota or a third-party provider. But both of these options have pros and cons that we’ve listed here.

Toyota Provider Third-Party Provider
Compatibility Only at Toyota dealerships Various car brands 
Car Parts Authentic Toyota parts Not completely authentic parts
Payment  When you bought the car or before the original warranty expires Anytime 
Coverage Levels  3
Cost More expensive Cheaper 

Investing in third-party warranties will be a better idea for those who want to save maintenance costs. You can consider CARCHEX and Endurance for your car upkeep. 

Endurance offers up to six coverage options. You can choose contracts lasting eight years, which is about 200,000 miles. 

On the other hand, CARCHEX has five coverage options, but the term limits may extend up to ten years.  

How To Cancel The Toyota Service Plan?

You can cancel your Toyota maintenance program anytime by asking the authorized Toyota repairer or dealer. 

Within 30 days of the company’s scheduled maintenance expiration, you can terminate Toyota Care Plus for an exchange or refund if there isn’t any paid service. 

Also, check your contract or with the dealer to see whether your advantages have been paid yet or if you cancel after this. The dealer will then be able to give you a detailed statement of accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Toyota Care cover tires?

Yes. The Toyota Care program includes tire rotations. This service is necessary for your car every 5,000 miles or so. 

However, aside from the rotation, the Toyota Care plan doesn’t include the cost of new tires or tire-related issues. Instead, you must pay for extra tire repairs and services, like alignment or balancing them.

2. Can I use Toyota Care at any dealer?

Yes. You can use this plan at any authorized Toyota dealer in the country. Before you come, schedule an appointment with the dealer and present your maintenance plan information. 

3. Does Toyota Care Plus cover air filters?

Yes. The Toyota Care Plus includes engine and cabin air filter replacement. Meanwhile, Toyota Care doesn’t cover these two maintenance needs. 

4. Does the Toyota Care program include battery replacement?

No. Toyota Care technically excludes battery replacement from its coverage. However, Toyota’s limited warranty for 36,000 miles/3 years covers factory batteries. Thus, you will receive a replacement if the battery dies or breaks down because of the bad alternator  within that time.


So, is the Toyota Care Plus $329 worth it? In fact, this plan is more economical and beneficial than any component-by-component upkeep. You can also follow the regular maintenance program. 

Besides, there are other appealing programs from third-party providers. Please check our comparison to tell which option is best for you. 

If you have any questions about Toyota maintenance programs, please feel free to ask. We will get back to you soon. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!


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