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Toyota Softex Problems

What Are Toyota Softex Problems?

Many people want to ride a car but choose a used car instead of buying a new car because it is more economical.

However, those old cars have problems like leather seats that make them have to replace them. Replacing a new one is not necessary unless it is too badly damaged or too dirty.

There are many replacement options for your upholstery, the most prominent of which are Softex and leather. Leather is more familiar, but soft ex’s new technology makes many people love it.

However, there are still many different opinions about this material. So let’s find out what the problem of Toyota Softex is!

What Are Toyota Softex Problems?

Toyota Softex Problems

Toyota Softex is a type of seat cover material from the Toyota brand. It is a new line of materials, so many people are still quite hesitant when choosing them for their cars. However, in order to see the fairest, we need to consider based on many factors.

Brand Positioning

One thing is for sure, Softex material will not be as high-class and luxurious as leather material. So expensive cars or merchants still think leather is their first choice.

However, the interior must also match the exterior of the car. If your car looks old, then leather is not the right choice. So people often choose thinner in these cases.

Softex also has many different colors and designs, so this is a big plus compared to leather. However, it is only suitable for those who like simplicity. If you are a person who likes to change and want to change the color of the chair often, Softex is also more economical because of its low price.

In short, if your car is expensive or you are a luxury, fussy person, Softex is not the perfect choice. Of course, Softex still has leatherette options for those who know and soon realize this.


Once again, you can hardly compare Softex with leather because their prices are far apart. Perhaps that is why the thickness of this cushioning material will not be equal to leather. You can notice this difference after a period of use.

The places Softex upholstery is used are often exposed to friction, such as the steering wheel or the seat. And such thin materials like Softex will soon wear out or discolor, or worse, tear.

However, the above problems do not seem to be a concern for car owners. Perhaps Softex has done its job very well compared to the price that car owners have to pay. According to consumers, that’s why Toyota Softex is still at the top of the best upholstery materials.


The texture of Softex is not only soft, suitable for anyone, but also anti-slip. For those who have to travel long distances or travel at incredible speeds, Softex is their favorite choice.

Meanwhile, those who have used both Softex and leather have rated it softer and firmer than leather. Also, they could not sit still on the leather but always had to adjust their sitting position. Fortunately, this material can solve this displacement problem well.


Thinner is the most accessible material in all types of car upholstery. If the leather is torn, you will have to replace the whole car with a significant expense. Leather is also very easy to scratch and stain after a short time of use. Therefore, taking care of leather chairs takes a lot of time and effort.

Opposite thinner is very difficult to tear, or if it is, you will easily sew it back without affecting the overall look. Softex also does not require too much care, does not need specialized cleaners or cleaning agents. If you want to clean it, it is also easy to wash it with just water.


Appearance is not a critical factor but is one of the factors that determine whether users choose a product or not. Suppose compared in terms of luxury, it is definitely softer than leather.

However, it is this that brings youthfulness and dynamism to the thinner. Most of those who choose thinner are young people. The variety of more delicate colors and designs makes a difference for each vehicle.

In terms of external appearance, thinner is also quite solid and user-friendly. Not too expensive and luxurious like leather but also not as cheap as fabric or plastic, softex is the first choice of car owners.

Personal experience

The perception of thinner is the issue that receives the most fierce debates. Many people claim that Softex is soft and friendly to their skin. Most agree and consider it the most comfortable material they have ever used.

However, there are still many opinions that they feel stiff or uncomfortable with Softex. Anyway, this is just one person’s opinion. It’s better to go to the store to see for yourself if Softex is right for you.


The most significant plus point of Softex that makes it receive more positive reviews than leather is the ventilation. This is probably why many people decide to install Softex for their car instead of leather.

Leather is a high-quality material, but it is secret and has no ventilation. People sitting on leather seats often complain about the uncomfortable and slippery feeling. Whether they open the car door or turn on the air conditioner, it will not solve the problem of sweat or water if it occurs.

In contrast, Softex can handle those problems well because it can effectively absorb sweat. Even if you use air conditioning, the ventilation will be faster and will not cause discomfort to the user.


Cars are vehicles you use often. So you should consider and evaluate the objects or furniture you use in the car.

The intended use of your car only for moving or for transportation or rental are also criteria to consider.

Softex is a safe choice for you if you don’t have special requirements. Their prices are also cheap so you can comfortably change them regularly without worrying about the cost.

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