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What is TLC for cars

What Does TLC Mean For Cars? Beginner’s Guides

Most of us are familiar with the phrase ” loving care” used for people and their pets.

The same goes for cars! The car is like our friend, and you need to take care of it like a family member. Because that’s the best way to increase the car’s value, the following article will introduce you to What Does TLC Mean For Cars and how to take care of a car effectively.

What Is TLC For Cars?

TLC’s full name is Tender Loving Care. For cars, this phrase means the care the user gives their vehicle. Here, you need to take the car to reputable auto centers for them to carry out car maintenance. At the same time, the staff will inform you of the vehicle’s current condition for you to consider maintenance costs.

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Basically, after a period of use, your car will have some damage: Dirty oil, reduced engine power, or scratches. TLC is a way for you to refurbish, renew your car cleaner and quality.

Depending on the performance, you can quantify the time to bring the vehicle to the service center. Usually, users will rely on the number of kilometers to decide how long to maintain their car.

What Happens Without Regular Care?

What if my car is not taken care of on a regular basis? To answer this question, you can refer to some of the negative consequences below.

Oil is dirty

When the oil is dirty, your car will not be able to run normally. On average, a car needs an oil change after 3 months of use or when they have traveled 3000 km.

It would help if you made sure that the oil in your car would not below and not contaminated. Because otherwise, your engine may be in danger during use.

Reduced engine power, inefficient operation

If you don’t maintain your car, your engine won’t run at its peak. At the same time, the liquid level and filter will also get worse and worse.

You can refer to the articlehow to bypass reduced engine power” to better understand the negative consequences of reduced engine power.

Parts wear out over time

Some users have the notion that a new car always has a good engine. But that is an entirely wrong idea because even if your car is new, it will also need maintenance after a period of use.

Accordingly, you need to check regularly to recognize the degree of wear and tear of the parts. That way, your car will always be at its best.

Worn brake pads

If your brakes do not work correctly during use, then it is inevitable that they are having problems. In addition, you can also rely on the abnormal sound of the brakes to evaluate their performance.

Exhaust smoke

If you notice smoke coming from your exhaust manifold, that’s a problem that you need to address. Because smoke is a sign that your engine is having problems. You need to take your car to a service center to have them repaired in time.

How To Take Care Of The Outside Of The Car?

How To Take Care Of The Outside Of The Car

To increase the value of your car, you need to take care of its exterior. Scratches or protrusions are the cause of the reduced value of the car.

Care for scratches and dents

You won’t have to do this job often. However, it would help if you formed the habit of regularly observing cars.

Because if not detected in time, some scratches will not be repaired. You will have to paint utterly new if you want to remove the scratches. That will cost you a lot.

Clean the car inside and out

You can do your car cleaning job at home. However, your performance will not be maximum because cleaning will require specialized applications only available in service centers.

Therefore, you should spend a small amount of money hiring a cleaning staff to clean your car. Then your vehicle will be cleaner and newer.

Wax your car

You won’t need to do this job often. Because waxing too much can cause problems for your car.

You should wax your car once in a while because it makes it look new and more luxurious. It would help if you did this work in warm weather for the best performance.

What Does TLC Mean For Cars

Benefits Of Regular TLC

When taking care of your car, you should take care of both the inside and the outside. With the interior, your car will increase performance. As for the exterior, the car will become new and more luxurious, increasing the car’s actual value. In addition, you can check out some other benefits when taking care of your car regularly:

  • Cars are less likely to break down
  • You will be safer on every trip
  • You will save money
  • The use-value of the car will increase

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much is TLC for a car?

The cost of car care will be divided into 2 different prices. For vehicles traveling less than 500 km, there will be a maintenance fee of 550 dollars. As for cars traveling more than 500km, the price will be 625 dollars.

Can I drive my TLC car for personal use?

The answer is yes. Anyone with a valid state-issued driver’s license may operate a TLC-licensed vehicle for personal purposes and reasons. You can register your vehicle from:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand What Does TLC Mean For Cars.

Cars are like people, and they also need regular care. A healthy car will help increase confidence and ensure safety for users.

Therefore, you should always consider a reasonable car maintenance time to have a healthy engine and a luxurious appearance.

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