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What Kind Of Car Did Columbo Drive

What Kind Of Car Did Columbo Drive?

If you are a lover of detective series, you will surely know the name, Columbo. The program has been very successful in conveying the stories of the investigative cases very authentically. The main character of this series is a hardworking and famous detective. Columbo has created a phenomenon thanks to his hard work and talent.

Therefore, many people have imitated this character. They learn about the clothes that Columbo wears, the brand of cigarettes he often uses, etc. An object that always follows him like a true friend is the car he usually likes to drive.

So, what kind of car did Columbo drive?

This character often drives a Peugeot 403 during filming. This car line became a trend at that time. Let’s learn more about the Peugeot 403 that Columbo has used.

What Kind Of Car Did Columbo Drive

What Kind Of Car Did Columbo Drive

During the filming of the Columbo series, the manufacturer used 2 cars, both Peugeot 403 series, for the main character to drive. One was built in 1959 and another in 1960.

Specifically, in the 1900s, the Peugeot line was relatively new to everyone. When this car appeared with the Columbo, it became a phenomenon that many people sought and desired to own.

Thanks to the popularity of the movie, the Peugeot 403 made history by selling 1 million cars. Although the car was not distributed in the North American market, it has created a trend that anyone who has seen the film will be interested in.

Why Did Columbo Choose This Car?

The movie didn’t build Detective Columbo as the flashy type. Instead of using expensive items, the producer chose the most outdated costumes and vehicles for his character. This series wants to focus on exploiting Columbo’s judgment through each case, not building a too-perfect character.

Therefore, the producer of the film has chosen to use the Peugeot 403 car. This car has many similarities with the image of the character Columbo. The model has an old-fashioned look that matches the jacket and hat he’s wearing.

About Peugeot 403

About Peugeot 403

At that time, very few people knew about this car. Here we will introduce you more to Peugeot 403:

# Design

Peugeot 403 has a classic design. It’s just like any other used car on the market.

Specifically, the inside of the car includes 5 adjustable seats to help people have the most comfortable position when driving. This type of chair can also be into a bed where you can lie down and relax.

In addition, the types of technology that cars used at that time were relatively modern. The systems include a trip odometer, heat gauge, oil pressure warning light,….

The design of the Peugeot 403 is quite small, so its trunk is not large. Car users all equip themselves with a spare tire to promptly replace in case of an accident. The trunk of the Peugeot 403 has enough space for you to store 1 tire and a few other pieces of luggage without feeling too cramped.

# Feature

Peugeot 403 uses a 4-cylinder engine with a maximum capacity of 65 horsepower. Compared to other cars, the mobility of this car is much lower quality. Not only that, the moving speed of this car is only about 80 MPH. This figure is meager compared to the standard rate of today’s cars.

There is a unique feature of Peugeot 403 is the thermally controlled motor fan. When this car was manufactured, it became popular, and many automakers have adopted it.

After The Show, Where Did This Car Go?

After The Show, Where Did This Car Go

After the movie ended, many people thought that the Peugeot 403 would be displayed at an exhibition and often had a caretaker. However, they gave the car to one of Paul’s friends.

When he used the car, there were many people doing bad things on Columbo’s car. They destroy in many different ways, making the vehicle increasingly degraded.

So when Universal wanted to restore the Peugeot 403 to continue producing the sequel, the car was no longer usable. The manufacturer has tried every way to fix the car’s condition but has not yielded good results.

Currently, Columbo’s car is in a warehouse in Ensenada. It couldn’t start, and the engines were getting worse and worse.

Famous Cars In Tv Shows And Movies – What Does It Mean For The Car?

Any brand that appears on popular TV shows or movies can quickly become a trend. People will often buy those products thinking that they will be of good quality when celebrities use them.

Or maybe items like cars, watches, clothes in the movie make up an excellent story. Viewers who love a particular film will tend to choose the products that appear in the movie.

So, Peugeot 403 back then was very much sought after. They want to own this car because of its symbolism or popularity. Instead of choosing another good car, viewers decided to buy the Peugeot 403 just because this car appeared in their favorite Columbo series.


We will answer some of the questions that many people are interested in below:

# Is the Peugeot 403 a good car?

In addition to questions related to Audis, many car enthusiasts are also interested in whether the Peugeot 403 that Columbo drove is good.

Our answer is no. This car has a weak engine, slow running speed, and you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it when it fails.

Therefore, this brand stopped producing Peugeot 403 and developed other models.

# What good cars does the Peugeot brand have?

Peugeot has now developed and launched more and more models of good quality. Plus, this car also comes with a good engine and smooth movement.

In addition, you can also choose other models such as Peugeot 306 or Peugeot 505. They all have unique features that are worth your experience.


Thanks to the movie Columbo, Peugeot 403 became famous and a best seller at its release. The car has appeared many times with the main character. It is like a good assistant to the detective in the investigation process.

Hopefully, the above article on what kind of car did Columbo drive has helped you answer questions about the car that Columbo drove and information about Peugeot 403.

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