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What To Do If Chevy 350 Sputters When Accelerating?

Chevy 350 Sputters When Accelerating

Chevy is an abbreviation instead of the official name – Chevrolet. This product is a small displacement engine used in Chevrolet vehicles.

However, during use, the engine will wear out and experience many problems, including engine noise that the Chevy 350 sputters when accelerating. Is that a serious problem? Let’s find out through the following article.

What is Chevy 350?

Chevy 350 is one of many types of small-displacement automobile engines used in production in 1945-2003. This chevy version is physically smaller in size than other types of engines, so it is called a “small displacement engine.” Typically, the numbers you normally see in this machine will be around 4.3 L to 6.3 L.

Chevy 350 is an improved engine version after researchers calculated and upgraded from earlier outdated versions. The maximum capacity that this machine block offers is 5.7 l, equivalent to many other modern versions.

Since it was built after learning from previous engines, the chevy 350 was one of the most highly efficient engines in 1967 years. And it continues to be used in both high and low power variants all over the world. During later times, this engine block has become the standard of the GM group.

How does Chevy 350 accelerate?

Like many other engines, the original Chevy 350, when purchased, was also very smooth and stable, so users can start the car and accelerate easily. However, after a period of use, it will probably show signs of damage and start to appear crackling when starting the engine.

As you can probably know, the chevy 350 engine will work most comfortably when starting lightly, accelerating from medium to high. However, it will make sputter noises at high operating intensity when you try to turn it on too hard.

It is noteworthy that a chevy 350 engine often warps, splashes expands or wears out after a period of use. People who use this engine also frequently change their ignition modules, dispensers, plug wires, and fuel filters.

Comparison between chevy 350 with some other engines

The first generation that the General Motors company produced was a small displacement engine. This was also the most popular product line around 1962 – 2002. Simultaneously, General Motors also developed two other types of engines, the chevy 302 and the chevy 327, but they were not as popular as the 350.

The chevy 350 engine belongs to the 4,000-hole engine family (1962–2002). With its performance, the 350 is a versatile engine that can be used in various applications, from fashion cars to trucks.

These 4000 hole family sizes have the same dimensions and even the molded block. The difference between these types is the engine efficiency number engraved on the engine to distinguish between the three types: 302, 327, and 350.

What to do if Chevy 350 sputters when accelerating?

This signifies that the car is old, or at least it is time to take it to the service center to check the car’s parts and engines. You should describe in great detail the motivations. From there, the technician will know what the problem is and fix it for you. They often opt to repair if the problem is not serious or to replace a part or all if necessary.

From time to time, while using a car, you should also note the following so that you can check your car every day before it gets worse. Check out all the parts:

– The plugs are pulled.
– Slit
– Edelbrock fuel filter and cleaning
– New Cap
– Rotor and HEI Coil
– New HP silicon wire with insulator
– Springs.

To ensure the engine block is running well, you can refer to the instrumentation according to Edelbrock specifications.


The Chevy 350 is a well-known engine and is the most popular Chevrolet’s small-displacement car in terms of popularity. Chevy’s 350 engine was the engine that was suitable for many vehicles of that time, such as trains, scooters, sports cars, and cars. Even commercial vehicles and boats can be edited to be compatible with this engine block.

General Motors Company stopped installing chevy 350 engines in its cars in 2003. Despite the sputters when accelerating weaknesses, the chevy 350 is still widely used as a small displacement engine most of all time. Today, this engine can be found as the Vortex at a GM subsidiary in Springfield that belongs to the company.

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