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Where Are Hercules Tires Made

Where Are Hercules Tires Made? Let’s Find Out!

Hercules tires manufacturer has successfully branded themselves as a leading company in the replacement tire industry. But where are Hercules tires made? Many people have heard of them but do not know much else or are unsure if it matters.

Before committing, it’s critical to understand the manufacturer; we’d like to provide some helpful information on this potential purchase so you can make an informed decision.

Where Are Hercules Tires Made?

Where Are Hercules Tires Made

History about Hercules Tires

Hercules tires are a long-standing product in the industry, with roots that go back to 1952. A group of tire dealers and traders who had grown tired of being pushed around formed the company and named it Hercules Tire and Rubber Company.

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The Brewer family had been in charge of it for a long time, leading it to grow exponentially over time, with innovation being at its core. The company appeared on the New York stock exchange in 1960.

However, Hercules tires did not make the tires themselves. They became partners with Cooper Tire in the 60s, which produced their tires while providing marketing and distribution services. The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is now fully accountable for producing and manufacturing Hercules tires.

Copper Tire reaches its leading position in manufacturing tires all over the world. The company serves many customers of all types and distributes millions and millions of tires across their expansive network.

That is why Hercules tires are now available in more than 90 countries around the globe, providing numerous types of tires for passenger cars, ATVs, light-duty and medium-duty trucks, as well as other industrial vehicles.


Though produced by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. are their main American-owned tire manufacturers. Each company has an extensive manufacturing presence in the United States to serve great American demand on tires.

Of the two manufacturers, Cooper Tire Corp. in Findlay, Ohio, makes most of Hercules tires, receiving huge recognition from Canada, the United States, and worldwide.

How Many Types Of Hercules Tires Are There?

How Many Types Of Hercules Tires Are There

Different cars with different purposes need the right tires for their best performance. Easing the ride and maximizing performance is what Hercules does. No matter if you are looking for a tire to go off-roading, long-lasting traction, or one that meets your business needs, they have it all!

Passenger Car Tires

These tires are perfectly matched with personal cars such as sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, and crossovers and can also be used for minivans and SUVs. Sometimes, people might use them with smaller pickup trucks under ¾ ton.

Ultra High-Performance Tires

These tires are perfect for dry surfaces, providing a high level of grip to withstand the harshest conditions. However, those who own trucks should carefully check the tire reviews to see whether they are the right fit for their vehicle.

Light Truck Tires

They can carry heavy loads regularly, ensure to hold up throughout the season, and provide a safe driving experience for truckers all year long.

Industrial Tires

Machines like bucket loaders, tractors, excavators, and forklifts can consider these tires. Smooth-threaded industrial tire types typically work on smooth surfaces, while those with large tread features tend to last longer on soft terrains such as sand and mud. Some industrial tires have foam or solid inside.

OTR Tires

For the most rugged terrains, nothing is better than a good set of off-the-road tires. These tires are great for any ground and can take on difficult terrain with ease.

Why Should You Choose Hercules Tires?

Why Should You Choose Hercules Tires

Affordable Pricing

Hercules Tires have long been a dominant player in the automotive industry. They offer such competitive features and stylish designs with the allure of being more budget-friendly than other brands. These affordable, high-quality tires are sure to make any driver satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

It is easy to make out why Hercules tires can create the best customer satisfaction. Tire reviewers reveal that most Hercules tire owners are happy with it because there is an 85,000-mile warranty that covers the tire’s tread wear. Hercules tires always have your back and offer you guarantees no matter which type of vehicle you drive.

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One of the best features is that if your tire has an issue within 50% of its tread life, they will replace it with a brand new one for free. You also receive a 30-day satisfaction policy on top – so feel assured when purchasing your products with our money-back promise.

High Comfort & Fuel Efficiency

The Hercules Tire is a workhorse that will get you to and from your destination with ease. The fuel-efficient materials in their tread help reduce friction between your car’s tires and the road, making for more efficient driving, saving you cash at an affordable price point – it really couldn’t get any better than this!

Excellent Handling

Hercules is employing a revolutionary new strategy for their tires to provide the best experience. The brand uses semi-solid center ribbing, which ensures stability and comfort while driving on any terrain. They allow drivers of Hercules vehicles to be more confident behind the wheel without sacrificing anything from their vehicle’s handling capabilities.

In addition, the perfect technology combination in truck, car, and winter tires helps them work well in all seasons and conditions. The symmetrical tread patterns with grooves can create biting edges that grip the road. Our Hercules Tires review also found that they provide the best stability and traction on dry and wet surfaces.


Where are Hercules tires made? Hopefully, our article has helped put an end to this bothersome query.

We believe that our detailed information on these prevailing Hercules tires and the leading Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has been helpful for you. Always remember to think things out before making a decision. I hope you make a wise decision!

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