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Where Are Milestar Tires Made?

A safe car needs to ensure that the parts operate stably and without errors, especially the tires. Therefore, mile star tires were born to help you better during the journey.

They provide optimal drivability to the driver and a greater sense of stability on the road.

However, some people mistakenly believe that they are made in the US by Tireco corporation, but this is not the case.

So, where are mile star tires made?

Therefore, this article will help you better understand the type of tire and answer the question.

Where Are Milestar Tires Made?

Milestar is a big tire brand born in 2006 from Tireco company. The headquarter of Tireco corporation is currently in the US. However, not everyone knows where this tire is and its manufacturer.

Currently, the majority of Milestar tires are manufactured in factories in Taiwan. It is a small brand under Nankang Tires from Taipei. Nankang started manufacturing tires in 1959 with two facilities in Nankang and Hsinfung. Milestar tires are mainly at the Hsinfung facility.

The business expanded its base in Jiangsu in 2003 and has grown to around 1200 employees today. Nankang’s annual sales also amount to about 300 million dollars from its products. The Milestar brand produces tires for trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, and ATVs, and UTVs.

Milestar tires have wide ribs and many threads to help increase grip and braking when the vehicle is moving. As a result, they make it easier to handle and safer to drive in many situations.

Thanks to its excellent properties, it has become very famous in the US regarding tires. At the same time, the product is top of the best-selling tires on Amazon, becoming the State For The Buck of the American people.

Where Are Milestar Tires Made

Tire Distributor

Milestar is one of the best quality tire brands on the market today because of its excellent quality. At the same time, many car owners trust the product because it is entirely worth it when comparing the cost, durability, and quality.

It meets the current tire repair and replacement needs when supplying tires for many different car models. In particular, passenger cars use products with high to extremely high performance. Using this design, trucks, cars, and other vehicles have a similar effect.

Products are distributed by Tireco Inc., Leading the tire industry. The corporate headquarters is located in Gardena, California. 

They are marketing and distributing products to Milestar, Nankang, Westlake, Geotrac, Geostar, Tracgard, Nanco, Forte, and Sendel with an extensive network of North America. The business has the largest inventory in the United States and is in Fontana, California.

Customers rate TIRECO as having a professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic attitude when providing high-quality products and excellent services. It is the reason that helps customers stay longer with the brand and creates loyalty when it comes to tire distributors.

Along with customer satisfaction, Milestar is gradually dominating in many markets worldwide. They use high technology to produce modern tires with good traction and durability.

Moreover, TIRECO also provides warranty service, guaranteeing a 30-day ride. It proves professionalism when serving customers, worthy of the cost customers have spent.

Types Of Milestar Tires

Milestar was born, but the manufacturing business is still constantly improving to bring the best quality. At the same time, it is also more suitable for the markets’ current weather and road conditions. In it, your car can move well in all seasons with different terrains such as rough, muddy highways without you having to patch a tire often.You can learn more on the Autotrucktoys.com website.

The company produces a variety of tires to meet the needs of many different car models. You can find out how different tire sizes are, like 215, 225 or 245. If you are wondering about choosing the right product for your vehicle, Milestar can fully provide you.

Available Vehicles

  • Passenger car / CUV
  • Tourist car
  • Performance
  • High-Performance
  • Ultra-High Performance
  • Light Truck/Crossover/SUV/UTV

The Best Milestar Tires

Currently, Milestar is very diverse in models and the types of vehicles that can be used. However, customers and manufacturers recommend considering the following designs:

Milestar MS932 XP +

The Milestar MS932 XP+ is a high-quality tire with a distinctive design. It allows your car to grip the road better regardless of whether it is dry or wet. At the same time, the product helps you handle situations more quickly and flexibly when driving on the road, significantly reducing wear.

Wide circumferential grooves, 3D grooves, and many large treads are the most prominent advantages of the MS932 XP+ tire design. When you own a great product, your riding experience will also be so much better.

Milestar Streetsteel

The design of Streetsteel has a classic character that makes an excellent aesthetic impression on its customers. The product has a very traditional sidewall, knurled ribs, and an angular shoulder design that shows strength. At the same time, it has the same angular and circumferential grooves as other Milestar designs, so it still has the great features the lineup has to offer.

Moreover, Streetsteel also has a steel wire construction that helps increase the tire’s strength and its durability and longevity when used on many different terrains.

The product deserves to be one of the best quality tires from the Milestar brand.

Milestar Patagonia MT

Milestar Patagonia MT provides good handling and mobility on many terrains, especially roads. Because of this great feature, the product is very successful when supplying in the North American market.

At the same time, Milestar Patagonia MT also has a lower price than some other competitive products but has better quality. In addition, the tire also has a tread design that helps clean itself and ensure a quieter ride.

In addition to the 3 mentioned products, you can refer to the Milestar MS775 Touring Radial Tire line for your car. They have a block of knitted spikes that help the car move and grip the road better.

milestar tires where are they made

Are Milestar Tires Good Tires?

The answer for you is to try the Milestar tire product. Not only are they durable and of good quality, but they are also well worth the money you need to spend. Moreover, the manufacturer helps you to guarantee them for 40,000 miles.

If you’re looking for a replacement tire and aren’t on a budget, Milestar tires are for you. The brand’s designs are entirely lower than many competing products currently on the market with high performance.

Moreover, the business supports customers very well, helping customers be more loyal to them with many attractive programs.


The article answered questions about the origin of Milestar tires, manufacturing and distribution businesses, and other helpful information.

If you are looking for a tire, you can completely trust and use this product. Not only does it have great design and features, but the service the brand provides will also make you more satisfied. It is why the product is always selling well, especially on e-commerce platforms.

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