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White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears: Causes & Fix

When using cars for a long time, the worse the engine quality is inevitable. If you do not know how to take care of the car, the internal components will fail, and you need to get serviced.

One common phenomenon warning you that the car is having problems is white smoke on startup then disappears. This usually happens when there is a buildup of water inside the exhaust pipe.

In addition, there are many different reasons for this phenomenon. Let’s find out the causes of white smoke on startup then disappear and fix them effectively.

Common Cause For White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

A cloud of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe will be released into the air when you start the car. This phenomenon helps you identify some parts that are having problems. Here are the causes of white smoke on startup then disappears:

Leakage of coolant

The most common cause of white smoke on startup and disappears is a coolant leak. This liquid is located inside the exhaust pipe to help reduce the temperature of the car’s engines. This type of compound will also provide lubrication to the components to help the car operate properly.

However, if you start and white gas appears, the coolant has leaked and cannot cool the vehicle’s internal components. This phenomenon will also cause unpleasant odors for you and those around you.

If you do not find a way to repair it in time, the engines will suffer a great deal of heat, and it will be difficult for the car to work correctly. Worse, the internal components will fail.

Leakage inside piston ring

Another scenario that leads to white smoke on startup and disappears is a leak inside the piston ring. When this part has a problem that causes a leak, oil and gasoline will mix inside the combustion chamber and break the ratio that helps the car start.

The mixing of fuels will lead to the energy that helps the engine to operate without quality. Since then, your car cannot run normally.

Damaged fuel injector

The fuel injector is responsible for transferring gasoline into the combustion chamber. This unit will then ignite the fuel and generate power for the engines to operate.

However, if the fuel injector fails or jams, this part will not adequately supply the engines. If the power transmission is too little, the vehicle’s internal components will not be able to function. If the injector provides too much, excess fuel will be inside the combustion chamber and cause white smoke on startup, then disappear.

Incorrect injection timing

The transfer of fuel to the vehicle’s interior requires the correct timing for the combustion chamber to ignite and then convert to energy fully. Therefore, the fuel injection pump time needs to be highly accurate to operate normally.

However, if the injector sends gasoline in too early or too late, the combustion chamber will not burn all the fuel and cause excess inside the engine. Residual compounds will leak to the outside of the exhaust and produce white smoke when starting the vehicle.

The air filter is dirty

The air filter has the function of filtering dust outside the air before entering the engine. But with long-term use, this part will reduce its ability to clean and deposit dirt.

When the air filter is dirty, the engine’s air will have more dirt from the outside environment and affect the fuel transmitted. That will lead to white smoke on startup and disappears.

How To Fix White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

How To Fix White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

After discovering the causes of white smoke on startup then disappears, you need to have solutions for the car in time. Here are the ways to fix the car back to normal:

Check the air gasket

Air gaskets have the role of separating fuel before entering the combustion chamber. Therefore, when this part is damaged, it will cause a coolant leak.

Therefore, you need to check the air pads to see if they are having any problems. You can disassemble this part and repair it in time.

Check for cracks on the cylinder head

If you find the air gasket is still working correctly, you can recheck the cylinder head. Most likely, this part has cracks that lead to coolant leaks, and white smoke on startup then disappears.

If the cylinder head shows cracks, you must replace it. You can install it yourself at home or go to a car repair center. This part is quite expensive, so you need to find a reputable facility to ensure the safety of your car.

Check the fuel system

The fuel system includes the injector, injection pump timing, …. When this part has a problem, the fuel transferred into the vehicle will not be accurate and lead to gasoline leakage.

Therefore, you need to carefully check the fuel system so that gasoline is transferred to the engine at the right time. Of course, you can test it yourself at home or visit your local repair center.

Clean the air filter

A filter is a place that is often exposed to the outside environment, so it is easy to accumulate dirt. Thus, you need to clean this part periodically to ensure that the air quality from outside will always create stability.

Usually, cars will have a certain amount of time to clean. You can clean when the car has traveled between 1500 and 2500 miles.

Routine piston maintenance

Piston rings are very susceptible to rust because they are constantly in contact with fuel. Therefore, you should clean and maintain this part periodically to ensure stable operation quality.

Piston maintenance is straightforward. You can refer to how to clean pistons through the “how to clean pistons without removing


The phenomenon of white smoke on startup then disappears is not uncommon. But you should not be too dismissive and need to find a way to fix it in time. I hope this article has helped you find the cause and how to fix this situation effectively.

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