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Who Makes Douglas Tires

As we all know, currently on the market there are many different types of cars, and with each model, there are different types of tires. One of the most used tires by car manufacturers is Douglas tires. Douglas is favored by many people thanks to its safety features for vehicles and users. With such special features, the question arises.
who makes Douglas tires?

Douglas Tires is a trademark of the Goodyear Tire Company. So this tire is manufactured by Goodyear. Not only Douglas, but Goodyear Tire Company also produces a number of other tires that people in the market widely use.

Are they good enough for you to use in your car? For more information about Douglas tires, read the next section of the article.

Who Makes Douglas Tires?

To answer the above question, which goes back to 1935, Goodyear bought the Kelly Springfield Tire Company. After nearly 60 years in 1992, an exclusive agreement between Walmart and Goodyear was made. The Douglas Tires Federal Register is subject to this agreement.

Who Makes Douglas Tires

There are some suggestions that Douglas Tires is a version of Goodyear Tires in the lower segment, but this is not true. After 25 years of establishment and development, the company has brought its products to the market and built up a reliable brand for itself.

And so far, with a wide market share, Douglas Tires has always been the top product in the most popular price segment.

What Are The Characteristics Of Douglas Tires?

What Are The Characteristics Of Douglas Tires
Almost everyone in the US uses personal vehicles in their daily commute. And this number will not stop growing. This is why they always try to choose quality tires for their cars.

However, a set of famous brands’ tires will usually be quite expensive, leading them to look for a good set of tires at a price that suits them. Douglas Tires will be a quality tire at an affordable price that you won’t pass up when it comes to these needs.

Douglas tires are good, and it receives many positive reviews from top experts. Here is a brief review of Douglas Tires that can tell why it is so popular and used by so many people:

1. Safety and high performance

Surely you will not want to trade-off when you have to own a tire from cheap and poor quality brands, right? It is insecurity. However, don’t worry! The manufacturer of this type of tire is very concerned with the safety of customers while using it.

Why do I think so? A good tire is sure to have been studied and tested many times. Specifically, Douglas Tires has undergone numerous safety and quality tests. From there, the manufacturer can proceed to fix the tire errors before it is put on the market.

Although their performance parameters are inferior to the leading brands, Douglas Tires is the best choice for you in this price range with high pressure.

Of course, when used for a long time, this pressure will decrease. And you need to solve this problem thoroughly. Read how to fix low tire pressure for more details.

2. Availability

There is no denying the widespread growth of Walmart, with more than 4,000 Walmart stores located all over the world. And you can go to any supermarket closest to you and buy yourself a Douglas tire.

If there’s a Walmart near you, you can buy yourself a set of Douglas tires whenever you need them.

3. Pocket-friendly

Without a doubt, Goodyear, the parent company of Douglas Tires, is the #1 brand in auto machinery and parts. However, not everyone can afford a high-quality Goodyear product.

Especially during this time with the epidemic’s impact, the budget of most Americans is quite tight, and spending money on expensive products is not a smart decision.

Today, people are turning their attention to products that do not need to have a famous brand name but just need their quality to be good and commensurate with the price, which is the reason for the birth of Douglas Tires.

Depending on your budget, there are Douglas Tires for you. This shows that the target audience of Douglas Tires is very large.

4. Excellent Warranty

As we mentioned above, the number of Walmart supermarkets in the world is very large. So if you have a problem with your Douglas Tires, you can go there right away for warranty service. If your claim qualifies for a warranty claim, you’ll immediately receive a brand new set for free.

When going for a warranty, you only need to pay the installation fee, service fee, and tax regulated by the state. However, you are only warranted for products purchased at Walmart’s system.

How Often Should Tires Be Changed?

How Often Should Tires Be Changed
With the naked eye, you can also check the tire’s wear by observing whether the tread is sharp or not or whether they wear edge has been exposed, …

When you own a car, you should find out how a vehicle will need to be replaced. If you haven’t looked into it thoroughly, then the guide below can be a hint to help you check the newness of your tires.

Visually first, you can check tire wear by looking at the tread to see if it’s sharp or not.

Also with a coin will help you to do that

How To Choose The Right Tire Size?

Before buying Douglas tires, know exactly what size your vehicle needs. The simplest and easiest way to find the right tire size for your vehicle is to look at the manufacturer’s manual. And to find more specific information, you can browse the tired web or contact the supplier directly.


Above is some basic information about Douglas Tiers, hope they will bring you useful information.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any other related questions.

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