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Who Makes Everstart Batteries

Today, almost any vehicle uses batteries. We cannot deny the importance of batteries in providing electrical energy to maintain all vehicle operations.

Besides, there are many types of batteries with different qualities and costs, including the Everstart battery. This is a high-end battery line manufactured by Johnson Controls International.

Who Created The Everstart Battery?

Everstart battery is a high-end battery line trusted by many car manufacturers today. Why is it so famous? In addition to quality, Everstart batteries are manufactured by a renowned company called Johnson Controls International.

This company is specializing in providing HVAC, security, and firefighting equipment. Currently, their products are available worldwide, mainly in the US and some surrounding areas.
Who Created The Everstart Battery
Johnson Controls International is currently headquartered in Ireland (Cork). This multinational corporation was founded in 1885. In 1978, the company acquired Globe-Union – a battery manufacturing company.

Since then, the company has launched many different types of batteries. However, now Johnson Controls has merged with the American company Tyco International.

In addition to the Everstart battery that Johnson Controls provides, they also have several other brands of batteries manufactured by them, such as:

  • Continental
  • Heliar
  • OPTIMA battery
  • Delaware
  • VARTA.

Many people wonder: “Johnson Controls headquarters are in Ireland, so are all Everstart batteries made in this country?” The answer will be answered below.

Where Are Everstart Batteries Manufactured?

Johnson Controls is an American multinational corporation. As a result, the company has many Everstart battery production sites around the world. These include the United States, Canada, and South Korea. These facilities supply Everstar batteries to all Walmart stores.

In particular, in Canada, the major Everstart battery manufacturers are Johnson Controls, Inc. or Exide Technologies. This line of premium batteries is made exclusively for the Walmart Canada system.

Currently, Everstart battery has many different versions. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose for yourself the right type of battery. Here are 3 types of high-end Everstart batteries that you can refer to.

Some Popular Everstart Batteries

The Everstart Value Group 26R Automotive Battery

Some Popular Everstart Batteries
With this battery line, you can apply it to many different car models without worrying about their quality. The Everstart Value Group 26R Automotive Battery offers CCA up to 525, and it can start the engine even in inclement weather. In addition, when using Everstart Value Group 26R batteries, users will receive a free 1-for-1 warranty within 1 year.

The Everstart Maxx Group 24DC Automotive battery

The Everstart Maxx Group 24DC Automotive battery has a voltage rating of 12V. Therefore, it is suitable for recreational vehicles and applications in several marine types of equipment: radios, GPS navigation, and trolling engines.

The advantages of Everstart Maxx Group 24DC batteries are fast recharging, a stable power supply, and a free warranty period of 2 years. In addition, this type of battery has a slightly shorter lifespan than some batteries of the same kind.

The Everstart Maxx Group 24 Automotive battery

The Everstart Maxx Group 24 Automotive battery is a very good quality battery; it works on CCA 700 and is very easy to use. The advantage of this type of battery is its ability to operate stably in harsh weather, long life, and free long-term warranty policy for customers.

Everstart Battery Problems

Everstart battery application

  • Marine and deep cycle batteries are designed to discharge a lot and provide a steady current. It differs from a car battery in that it only uses a small amount of electricity at a given time.
  • Automotive Batteries: This type of battery is designed to combine sulfuric acid and water to form a chemical reaction that powers the vehicle.
  • Leisure and vehicle batteries: The Everstart battery line offers a full range of versions to fit most RVs.
    Tractor and Batteries Riding Lawn Mower: This Everstart battery is smaller in size than a car battery and works on the same chemical reaction principle as a truck or SUV.
  • Multi-sport batteries: For vehicles such as jet skis or snowmobiles, lead-acid batteries are used. Therefore, users should refill water after a certain period of use.

Problems during using Everstart battery

Everstart battery is rated as one of the series of batteries with excellent quality and stable power supply for your vehicle. However, users should be careful with some of the following problems to be able to protect the battery safely:

  • Excessive Loading
  • Charging Problems
  • Deep Battery Discharge
  • Loose Connection

When you can detect and handle problems promptly, Everstart batteries will always be in a healthy and stable state, ensuring the highest operational performance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are EverStart batteries good?

Everstart battery is an advanced and high-class battery line, ensuring the best user experience. In addition, this type of battery is also used in many different fields: entertainment, automotive, industrial equipment. That proves the popularity and excellent quality of Everstart batteries.

In addition, many other battery lines also provide similar performance to Everstart batteries. You can refer to the article “who makes Duralast batteries” to learn more about the Duralast battery line.

Who manufactures 2020 EverStart?

Over time, Everstart batteries will be upgraded and released many new versions. Most of the battery reserves come from a large manufacturer from Johnson Controls, the most famous multinational corporation in the field of HVAC, security, and firefighting equipment.

Are Walmart EverStart batteries maintenance-free?

Everstart offers a 3-year warranty on all Everstart Maxx batteries when purchased at Walmart. Within 3 years, if the battery dies, Walmart will replace it at no cost to the customer.

For some defective batteries, the warranty will be prorated for the remainder of the warranty period.


If you are still wondering about which battery line will bring the most efficiency, Everstart is the best choice for you. Everstart has many different versions, so, depending on the purpose of use, you can choose for yourself a suitable product.

Hopefully, this article about “Who makes Everstart batteries” will help you have the most overview about this high-end Everstart battery line.

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