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Who Makes Motorcraft Oil

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil? (The Detailed Answer)

Engine oil is one of the solvents that play the most crucial role in protecting and ensuring all components in the engine operate stably. Because these oils have a unique structure to lubricate and clean the engine’s internal components. 

Thanks to that, the friction that threatens to damage the engine will no longer be a constant worry. 

There are many different products on the market for you to consider, but if talking about the best quality oil, Motorcraft oil will be the first name that many people think of. 

So, Who makes Motorcraft Oil? Let’s take a look at today’s article.

What Is Motorcraft Oil?

Motorcraft oil is a brand of high-performance engine oil with quality construction that you can trust for use even in high-performance engine models. 

Because the products belonging to this brand are mostly fully synthetic oils, the base oils have a longer shelf life and the perfect consistency that allows the oil to move more flexibly. Oil’s resistance to wear, rust, corrosion, and sludge deposits is excellent. 

As a result, this engine oil can help improve the life of the vehicle engine through lubrication and limiting the accumulation of plaque. In addition, the number of car died while driving will also significantly reduce.

The impressive structure of Motorcraft oil also helps reduce the emissions that the engine generates, thereby helping to reduce the impact on the environment. The good news is that this brand has products that work well for both diesel and gasoline engines to make it easier for you to choose instead of searching hard.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil?

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil?

Like Mobil1, Motorcraft oil is not an independent brand but a division of the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of accessories globally today.

Motorcraft began in the 1960s when Ford introduced the brand to the public as a separate brand. However, after a short time, this manufacturer temporarily stopped producing Motorcraft products. 

Because Ford bought the Autolite brand and used this name as their main auto parts brand. Later, a legal lawsuit forced Ford to sell off the Autolite-related assets when Motorcraft returned to its original position.

In addition to the central management unit, we also need to mention two other companies that have a significant role in direct production and provide raw materials for this process. Those two names are ConocoPhillips of the United States and S-oil of Korea, respectively.

Brief History of the Manufacturers

S-Oil is a manufacturer from Korea, and their head office is also in this country. This brand operates mainly in oil and gas and oil refineries. 

With the nature of a multinational company, S-Oil continuously cooperates with many other brands worldwide, and one of them is ConocoPhillips in the United States. Both are responsible for the distribution and production of most Motorcraft oil models.

Meanwhile, ConocoPhillips is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Houston, USA. ConocoPhillips currently operates in more than 30 countries worldwide. The founder of this brand dating back to 1917 is Frank Philips. ConocoPhillips emerged as the first company to join the “American Climate Action Partnership” (2007). 

The company is well known for its alliances with other leading environmental corporations and businesses. It is also the most prominent independent hydrocarbon exploration company in the world.

Where Are Motorcraft Oils Made?

As mentioned above, there are three units in charge of promoting, distributing, and producing Motorcraft oil, respectively, Ford Motor Company and ConocoPhillips of the United States and S-oil of Korea. 

Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand that the lubricant products of this brand are not only produced in a single country.

A large number of Motorcraft oil bottles originate from refinery chemical plants located in the United States. 

In contrast, some other products originate from Korea, which is quite far from the United States. But no matter where it is made, the brand guarantees the production of high-quality oils with excellent stability.

Motorcraft Oil Products

This engine oil model with excellent structure and features has very high suitability, making it possible to use Motorcraft oil flexibly in many vehicles with different engine generations. But in short, the manufacturer gives us two main product groups: diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil.

Diesel engine oil

Motorcraft engine oil for diesel engines is one of the best choices for you to keep the performance and durability of your engine stable. These high-quality products are manufactured from hydrogen-treated base oils combined with a wide range of unique additives to provide better oil flexibility and lubrication. It ensures that the diesel engine runs longer, cleaner, and, of course, even more optimally.

But as mentioned above, the quality additive components that this product possesses give Motorcraft oils a much higher viscosity than other competitors. As a result, it controls soot and protects engine components from rust, wear, rust and corrosion and saves money on faults caused by engine oil leaks.

Some common diesel engine oils you may find include:

  • Motorcraft SAE 10W-30 F150
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 F150
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-40 synthetic oil

Gasoline Motor Oil

Not to be outdone by-products used for diesel engines, Motorcraft also produces excellent quality gasoline engine oils of the highest quality. Lubricants produced by this brand are all API certified and are manufactured with a high viscosity index. The synthetic-based formula ensures suitable ‘high temperature’ for low-temperature performance.

With great help in preventing the friction between the metal parts of the engine, these engine oil products help reduce wear and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Using this oil helps to reduce deposits in the machine and prevent rust and corrosion.

Some of the Motorcraft gasoline engine oils currently on the market include:

  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 synthetic blend
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 synthetic blend


So we have come together to learn through the information and the characteristics of Motorcraft products. Hopefully, you can accumulate more knowledge and experience about the above lubricants through this article. To make the most appropriate judgments as well as the most accurate perspective

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