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Who makes Napa batteries

Who makes Napa batteries And Which One Is Suitable For You?

The battery is one of the greatest inventions of humanity. It is a useful power supply device for all vehicles and engines. Therefore, now many businesses have invested in this field, they have launched many high-end battery lines, bringing the best experience to users.

One of the most popular versions is the Napa battery. Deka has manufactured this battery line since 2009, and East Penn is the company that produces large quantities.

Who Made The Napa Battery?

Who Made The Napa Battery
As you know, Napa batteries are manufactured by the East Penn company. The company specializes in providing electrical storage equipment and large HVAC today. East Penn received the 33rd “Spirit of NAPA” award, which goes to the producer with the best service contribution.

Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing has manufactured many different types of batteries. In addition, the company also provides cables and battery accessories of good quality.

As a sole proprietorship, East Penn is always looking to the future. The company owns and operates the largest single battery manufacturing facility in the power industry.

In addition to East Penn, several businesses produce Napa batteries of excellent quality, such as John Controls, Inc or Exide Technologies.

So, some people have posed the question: “Is the Napa battery doing its job well compared to Duralast or Everstart?” The answer will be in the section below.

Is The Napa Battery Good Enough?

Is The Napa Battery Good Enough
Although there are many types of batteries on the market today, Napa is still the familiar choice of consumers.
Because this type of tire is manufactured by the long-standing famous brand East Penn. The company always has commitments on product quality to ensure all interests of customers.

Some outstanding features of Napa Batteries:

  • The Napa battery has the function of adjusting the amperage of the refrigerant current, and most products can change the CCA from 500 to 600.
  • The battery is resistant to temperature fluctuations. This important factor contributes to the effective protection of Napa batteries during use.
  • Batteries come in many versions with different sizes and weights. Customers can easily choose the right battery for their needs.
  • Batteries have a long service life, averaging 3 to 5 years. Napa’s warranty brings satisfaction to customers.

Some Of The Best Napa Batteries

When it comes to the Napa battery, it is impossible not to mention its 3 great versions: NAPA Power Battery, NAPA Legend Battery, and NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery. Each version will have different advantages and disadvantages.

You can refer to the full information about this wonderful set of 3 products.

NAPA Power Battery

Napa Power batteries have a flat cap that reduces the risk of battery damage and minimizes loose vents.

Although Napa is a battery for low-end cars, it still provides a good user experience. Because this version has a lot of power reserve capacity. You can safely drive for a long time without worrying about power problems.

The advantage of the Napa Power battery is that it has a moderate investment cost, great value, and is compatible with many different vehicles. However, its biggest drawback is its short lifespan. Therefore, if you use it improperly for a long time, it will reduce the life of the Napa power battery.

NAPA Legend Battery

NAPA Legend Battery is famous for being a battery with huge power reserves. You can use the integration of many electronic devices in the car without worrying about power overload.

In addition, this type of battery has extremely high durability; even in an accident or vehicle incident, Napa Legend can still operate stably. At the same time, the battery has a built-in flat cap to help reduce spills of corrosive substances that damage components.

The advantage of Napa Legend is its large reserve capacity, many capacity options, and long service life. On the contrary, its downside is its compatibility with cars. With some car models, Napa Legend will not be able to work effectively.

NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery

NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery is a battery that provides incredible starting power for cars in all different climates. This battery has a polypropylene shell, sturdy construction, and is 20 times more vibration resistant than other batteries in its price range.

The advantage of the Napa Legend Premium AGM battery is its ability to charge in a very short time. Moreover, this battery has a built-in handle that makes it easy to transport.

On the contrary, its disadvantage is that it is quite expensive compared to other battery brands. However, because this battery line has good quality and has many outstanding features, users can choose to use it instead of selecting the price criterion.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which NAPA battery is best?

Each type of NAPA battery has its pros and cons. At the same time, it is often especially suitable for some but not all models. Therefore, choosing the right Napa battery will help it operate most efficiently. For the Napa battery line with a high mid-range price, users can choose to use it.

In addition, now there are also some famous battery brands that customers can choose for their equipment, such as Everstart and Duralast.

To better understand the battery lines, you can refer to the two articles “Who makes Duralast Batteries” and “Who makes Everstart Batteries” to better understand the battery lines.
Does East Penn make Napa batteries

Does East Penn make Napa batteries?

The answer is yes. Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing has manufactured many different types of batteries. In addition, the company also provides cables and battery accessories of good quality.

As a premier company, East Penn is always looking forward to future growth, bringing satisfaction to customers with premium products.

How long is the Napa battery warranty?

Napa battery companies always have good warranty regimes to ensure all benefits for customers. Here are some warranty information, free replacement of Napa batteries:

  • Power Legend: 65-month warranty, 18-month free replacement. The rest is prorated.
  • Legend Professional: 7 5 months warranty, 18 months free replacement. The rest is prorated.
  • Legend Premium: 84 months warranty, 24 months free replacement. The rest is prorated.
  • Legend Premium AGM: 75 months warranty, 18 months free replacement.


The article “Who makes Napa Batteries” above has all the information about Napa batteries. Hopefully, it is to help you have an overview of Napa and answer some questions that users often ask.

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