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Who Makes Primewell Tires

Who Makes Primewell Tires? Let’s Explore

Tires over time wear and damage are inevitable. In this case, the thing to do is find yourself a wheel replacement solution. Ensure good operation, as well as technical parameters, are not affected.

So what is the right tire for you to choose? Although there is no shortage of quality wheels with powerful features on the market, we will be honest about who makes primewell tires, which is an excellent product with low price but high quality, in today’s article.

Who Makes Primewell Tires?

Learning the functions when using it seems not too new to users, but have you ever wondered about more profound things? For example, the origin and the founder of the product or not?

Similarly, if you do not know, Giti Company is the manufacturer, manufacturer, and distributor of primewell tires in the market. Headquartered in Singapore, it is a company specializing in high-performance tires. Up to now, Primewell tires have been present in more than 100 countries and territories, providing all-terrain tires for 4,500 different car manufacturers.

Similar to the jeep grand Cherokee big tires, the production process of the goods is rigorous with the help of both machines and people. Primewell tires are made in China and then cooperate with American marketing companies such as Wheel Works, ExperTise … to bring to the market. 

Who Makes Primewell Tires

With state-of-the-art numbering equipment, it allows us to control the quality and quantity of each batch more conveniently than ever before. All products are numbered, helping to track the production process from selecting raw materials to the final product.

Another reason for supporting primewell tires is the self-contained production technology and the thoughtful implementation of environmental conservation. When working in the factory, you will be full of protective equipment to ensure safety during the working process. 

That’s why Giti company has consistently received E-Marks certificate, Moody’s international certification, China quality control center for many years for strict compliance with safety and health standards.

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Are Primewell Tires Good?

The answer is: Yes.

Although with a relatively low price compared to the general level of the product, we find it widely displayed and sold. Because the quality is good, at GiTi, you will find them dedicated to each item. From inviting industry-leading experts in the tire industry to carefully selecting materials, this is a process of constant effort.

Long-lasting, high-performance wear is the perfect match when you’re shopping for touring tires. Although mixed reviews surround primewell tires, this does not affect the user’s purchase of a test drive.

are primewell tires good

The Outstanding Features Of The Primewell

Giti tires are diverse in design and quality, its features also successfully attract interested users.

Shoulder block offering cable

This is the product’s strength compared to a spare tire , with a sturdy design that ensures a more incredible speed and pressure tolerance ratio when traveling at a high-speed altitude or turning. Being bent while moving is uncomfortable, even dangerous for road users.

It may be a problem that has existed for decades, but with modern technology, primewell tires have thoroughly solved the above problem by increasing the endurance of the wheels. 

Thus, in addition to not losing its shape, it also withstands external collisions and frictional pressure between the road surface and the wheels. Make the user comfortable when operating in range C or D.

Wide groove

The phenomenon of vitrification occurs, causing the tires to lose control. To prevent this, they focused on designing wide shoulder grooves that increase the ability of the wheels to grip the road and help the drainage process take place more smoothly.

The waterproof function is also performed well thanks to the wide shoulder groove design and the depth of the suction slots present on the wheel.

Biting edges

A small thing often appears on the edge of the wheel; although not too prominent in design, the biting edge plays a key role when helping to increase traction and ride quality. Primewell provides a different amount of edge biting, increasing impact friction in all types of terrain, for example, dirt, slippery, snow.

Thread and pitch

Giti is customer-centric, understanding the daily need for comfortable stability and the adventures of long-lasting quality.

Compared with the tires available on the market, Primewell confidently asserts an absolute in all aspects. The variable nose design helps to create a small, quiet, and comfortable noise because the tire is less susceptible to vibration. Good traction when entering wet places is also performed well by thoroughly removing excess water from the deep grooves.

Silica compound

Next is the critical material in determining the quality of the product. Silica compounds are not uncommon in the automotive tire industry; even now, this substance has become a pivotal material to create tires. 

However, how to create and react is the secret formula of each company. Maybe depending on each type, you will find that you will lose a part of the function because you do not mix well with the above materials. 

But Primewell Tires is not on this list because you will enjoy the feeling of comfort and rolling resistance when using GIti tires.

Fuel efficiency

Another reason for Primewell to attract consumers is that it can save quite a bit of fuel consumption. It is mainly due to the silica compound that reduces rolling resistance since the actuator doesn’t have to work as hard to navigate the road.


In short, it can be that Primewell Tires is a popular tire for many people; when compared to the price you pay, you will feel it is entirely accurate from design to use. The above article describes quite a lot of information related to the product. I hope this helps a little bit with your selection decision.

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