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Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking

Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking: Causes And Solutions

Owning a personal vehicle will save you time and be able to take the initiative to get to the destination you want. But if used for a long time, your car will encounter specific problems.

Specifically, the common cases are the vehicle can not start, open power, … One of the mistakes that many people make the most are to check engine light flashing and car shaking.

You can understand that the system is warning you when the car is having some problems inside. So, where is the fault, and how to fix them? Join us to find out what causes check engine light flashing and car shaking and how to fix it in the article below effectively.

Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking

Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking

There are many causes of check engine light flashing and car shaking, and here are the most common reasons:

Spark plug has an error

The spark plug plays an essential role in the engine. This part helps to ignite and transmit fuel to other components inside the machine. From there, the car can operate normally.

However, one or more spark plugs that fail to generate sparks will stop the vehicle. Continuous sparking or no ignition will cause the car to vibrate, and the engines will alert the system to warn you.

In addition, spark plugs can also encounter corrosion when used for a long time. Since this part operates in harsh environments, it needs to be checked and changed regularly to produce a good performance.

Ignition ring not working

The ignition ring is the support for the spark plug that generates the spark. Basically, this part is like a mini transformer generating currents and transmitting power to the spark plug. Thanks to that, the spark plug can ignite and keep the vehicles running.

Using lousy ignition rings can cause the engine inside to make loud noises, and the car will vibrate abnormally. More dangerous, if you try to start the engine without checking, it will cause the car to stall completely.

Usually, when the ignition rings fail, they will not show any outward signs that the engines will have reduced performance in the long run, and the car will not be able to start.

Fuel filter clogged

Fuel filter clogged
Even if you have filled the car with enough fuel, the car still cannot operate properly. The cause is the fuel filter is clogged.

Specifically, when you put oil inside the car, but inside the oil, there are a few other impurities, such as dirt, that will prevent the filter from working correctly. From there, it causes a blockage, and the fuel cannot pass into the car.

Not only that, the fuel filter is always in continuous operation. After using the car for a long time, you need to replace this part periodically. If you don’t change it at the right time, the filter will clog, leading to check engine light flashing and car shaking.

Faulty engine sensor

Currently, many car manufacturers are equipped with engine sensors. This department will manage all the activities and status of other departments. Such as air pressure, engine oil pressure,…

But if this part fails, the performance of the engines will decrease, the fuel will be consumed significantly, leading to the car becoming shaken and the signal lights on.

How To Fix Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking

How To Fix Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking
Once you have found the cause of the check engine light flashing and car shaking, you need to have your vehicle repaired immediately. Some ways to fix the problem are:

  • Change damaged parts
  • If you’re already adept at engine repair, you can tackle this problem on your own. Find the details that are having problems and replace them. You can buy it directly at auto repair shops or search on websites.
  • But if you don’t have a lot of experience and relevant knowledge, you won’t be able to fix it yourself. Even more serious problems can occur if the parts are not replaced properly.
  • Bring the car to the repair place
  • The best way to get your vehicle back to normal is to bring it to a professional auto repair shop. They have a lot of experience to solve problems and help you find the real cause of check engine light flashing and car shaking.
  • Please describe in detail the condition of the car, and the car repairman will check and maintain your vehicle in the best way.


Is it possible to continue driving with engine light flashing and car shaking?

It would help if you did not continue driving while the engine light flashes and the car is shaking. Continued use is not safe for the vehicle or yourself.

Engine light flashing is a sign that the engine inside the car is not working correctly. If the machines are having problems that you don’t fix soon, the car will stall.

Can the engine light turn off automatically?

The answer is no. The engine light comes on when parts inside the vehicle are malfunctioning and need to be replaced. So the lights will stay on until you find the cause and solve them.

Indicator lights let you know that your engine is having problems. Therefore, pay attention to the indicator light so that repairs can be done in time.

What to do when you are driving and the engine light comes on?

If you are driving on the road and the warning light warns that some engine has failed, follow these steps:

  • Check the blinking time: If the light stays on for more than 5 seconds, it indicates an internal engine failure.
  • Stop and pull to the side of the road: Be careful to slow down and get to the roadside to avoid the people around you.
  • Check the parts: Try checking the internal engine to see if the car’s condition can be resolved by yourself.
  • Call for repair help: If the engine has serious problems, seek professional car repair and get help.


Each engine inside a personal vehicle plays a specific role in helping the car operate. If one part has a technical fault, the car will not be able to run normally. Therefore, car manufacturers design bright warning lights to help you detect problems in time.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you find the cause of engine light flashing and car shaking and have a timely remedy to protect your car safely.

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