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Wix Vs Wix Xp

Wix Vs Wix Xp: Which Filter Is More Stable?

Car filter is a detail that plays a vital role in ensuring stable air and fuel during operation. Currently, many mechanical enterprises have launched car filter product lines with different qualities. In terms of efficiency WIX vs WIX XP are the two versions chosen by many automakers. What is their difference? The following article will give you an overview of these two filters.

What Is A Car Filter?

What Is A Car Filter

A car filter is a device that plays a vital role in ensuring stable fuel and air during operation. Parts that help prevent contaminants: dirt, sand from entering the system.

Currently, the car filter will have 4 main parts:

  • Air purifier
  • Fuel filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Oil filters

Wix filter

Wix filter is a product of WIX Filters company – a member of Affinia group specializing in manufacturing and distributing industrial product lines. According to experts, the Wix filter is of excellent quality, and it will promote its full performance when used for sports cars.

# Wix fuel Filter

Oil filters are an essential part of every car. It plays a role in removing contaminants from oil in engines, hydraulics, gearboxes, etc.

Wix has 3 filters, including:

PRO-TEC filter: Suitable for vehicles with frequent operation, traveling short distances from home to work or play area.

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Wix filter: Suitable for heavy vehicles with difficult terrain due to difficult transitions.

# Oil filter XP

You can refer to the Wix 51.515 product line:

  • Has high durability
  • Effective dirt removal
  • Minimize low oil flow
  • Distance traveled from 3750-10000 miles

# Wix air filter

The Wix air filter features 9 folds per inch for extended life and enhanced particle capture. Currently, Wix has 2 types of air filters: radial and panel.

Panel: This type of filter has special pocket pleats. They are protected by glue that increases the durability of the filter.

Radial: Filter type with mesh screen design on both inner and outer wall. In addition, the insulated Plastisol secures the filter with seals on the top and bottom borders.

# Wix cabin air filter

The Wix cabin air filter is the best on the market. Because they have extensive functionality, including ensuring that your air is always clean and preventing damage to other components:

  • Heater
  • Air machine
  • Discharger

In addition, the cabin air filter uses Microban antibacterial technology to prevent the invasion of bacteria. It will kill cells that are harmful to human health. At the same time, the Wix cabin filter can also absorb odors and gases for the vehicle; Pur-Air technology helps remove 100% of allergens such as pollen or dust.

# Fuel filter

Wix Fuel Filters help tackle contaminants in your fuel, including scale, water, or rust. These are powerful engine corrosion agents. From there, the engine’s performance will decrease day by day.

# Heavy-duty coolant filter

Heavy-duty coolant filters remove impurities in the coolant that can affect the engine. This way, your engine will get rid of overheating during use.

Therefore, when the filter is not working efficiently, the coolant can be clogged in the exhaust system during travel due to heavy impurities. From there, it will leak to the outside, seriously affecting the engine. The “reduced coolant” will be a significant consequence that many drivers must be wary of.

Wix XP Filters

Wix Filters XP is another version of the Wix Filters consortium. This product line focuses on heavy vehicles with high durability when the car moves in rough terrain.

# Wix XP Oil Filter

The XP oil filter provides superior dirt protection for heavy-duty vehicles as they travel under challenging conditions. In addition, because Wix XP is highly durable, you will only need to replace it after 10,000 miles. And they are effectively compatible with the latest engine technologies, using synthetic oils.

# Wix XP Air Filter

The Wix XP air filter improves upon the Wix filter in its pleated design allowing for more effective contaminant removal. From there, your car will avoid problems such as stalling or poor fuel economy.

# Wix XP cabin Cabin Air Filter

Some features of the Wix XP cabin air filter:

  • Prevent allergens
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi,…
  • Minimize the ability to absorb odors

Difference between WIX vs WIX XP


# Purpose

Wix filter used for standard vehicles, you often use and on short distances, flat terrain.

The Wix XP filter is used for heavy vehicles, often moving in dangerous and challenging terrain such as hills.

# Diversity

Wix Filters:

  • Air purifier
  • Cabin Filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil filters
  • Heavy-duty coolant filter

Wix XP Filters:

  • Oil filters
  • Air purifier
  • Cabin filter

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are WIX filters any good?

The answer is yes. The Wix filter is the #1 excellent quality filter available today. The product is technically improved to work effectively in filtering contaminants.

Who manufactures the WIX oil filter?

Wix filter is a product of WIX Filters company – a member of Affinia group specializing in manufacturing and distributing industrial product lines. Currently, Wix has 5 primary filters: air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, oil filter, and heavy-duty coolant filter.

Can you use WIX XP with regular oil?

The answer is yes. You can use WIX XP with conventional oils. However, for the XP filter to work effectively, you should use synthetic oil for your car. Then, the filter will handle impurities easier and faster. At the same time, it also helps Wix XP to increase its lifespan.


Hopefully, the article will help you effectively distinguish two product lines, Wix and Wix XP filters. For Wix, you will have more variety of filters when there are up to 5 different types.

However, in terms of quality, both are at the TOP of the best filters today. Both Wix and Wix XP can filter dirt and impurities very well. At the same time, they also help deodorize, creating fresh air for users.

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